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Nov 17, 2016

On this episode, Hank is stuck in business meetings and the lovely Haute Damn graces us with her presence. Subjects discussed include the making of President Trump's Cabinet, the Somali takeover of Minnesota, and the possible future of European politics.

Haute Damn: @hautedamn

Mr. Fox: @dualkoondog

Dr. Illusion: @DocIllusion

Hank Rearden: @_HankRearden

Thanks for listening, goys!

Nov 12, 2016

On this episode, the normal crew decides to take a break and Doc catches up with original co-host, McMurphy. The two spend some time reminiscing about the early days, discussing the Trump victory, and debating possible outcomes for the future.

McMurphy: Murph_9000

Dr. Illusion: @DocIllusion

Thanks for listening, goys!

Nov 9, 2016

On this episode, the usual trio is joined by Luke Graham for an Australian perspective on economics, politics, and the role of America for the rest of the world.

Luke Graham: @Dr_Whomsoever

Mr. Fox: @dualkoondog

Hank Rearden: @_HankRearden

Dr. Illusion: @DocIllusion

Unfortunately, there were some technical issues throughout the recording. We will strive to do better in the future.

Thanks for listening, goys!

Nov 7, 2016

On this episode, the usual trio is joined by special guest, Sturmhammer.

Subjects discussed include the latest Hillary Clinton scandal, a WWII history lesson, Sturmhammer's passionate dislike for all things homo/trans, and the MQ.

Sturmhammer: @Skyranger111

Mr. Fox: @dualkoondog

Hank Rearden: @_HankRearden

Dr. Illusion: @DocIllusion

Thanks for listening, goys!

Oct 29, 2016

The usual panel is joined by RunningForPizza, Texas Darling, and Sassy Slit for this very special Estrogen Hour. 

Once the thots are done talking, the men take over to discuss current events, the re-opening of the Hillary Email investigation, and other pertinent topics. 

Dr. Illusion: @DocIllusoin

Mr. Fox: @DualKoonDog

Hank: @_HankRearden

Pizza: @RunningForPizza

Texas Darling: @TexitDarling

Sassy Slit: @RaceWarNow1488 

My wife: @Lady_Misogyny

Oct 22, 2016

On this episode, the usual trio is joined by special guest, Confederate Rhetoric.

Subjects discussed include Confederate's journey into the Alt-Right, Jewish maleficence, Russian conflict, and the impending election.

Confederate Rhetoric: @GeorgiasFirst

Mr. Fox: @DualKoonDog

Hank Rearden: @_HankRearden

Doctor Illusion: @DocIllusion

Thanks for listening, goys!

Oct 17, 2016

On this episode, Hank is mysteriously missing. Mr. Fox and I interview Walt Bismarck about how he came to the AltRight and how he got into parody videos. 

Then we discuss Trump, economics, and the possibility of Trump Jr becoming Emperor. 

Mr. Fox: @DualKoonDog

Walt Bismarck: @WaltBismarck

Dr. Illusion: @DocIllusion

You can check out Walt's videos on his YouTube channel at :

Thanks for listening, goys!

Oct 11, 2016

Vendetta joins the usual cast to discuss the history of the Syrian controversy, the Russian involvement in Ukraine, and Trump's trail to victory.

Also, The Joker makes a first time appearance to appeal to skeptics and anyone undecided about Trump.

Vendetta Vidame: @Vendetta92429

Mr. Fox: @DualKoonDog

Hank: @_HankRearden

Dr. Illusion: @DocIllusion

The Joker does not have a twitter or website at this time. Stay tuned, we will be working together more in the future. 

There were some audio issues with this show. Hank's internet connection wasn't great, and we dropped the call twice. We made the best of it. We will do better next time, with special guest @WaltBismarck . See you goys next week. Thanks for tuning in.

Oct 3, 2016

Dr. Illusion and Hank are joined by Mr. Fox, Amy Stephen, and Pizza to discuss infighting in the AltRight, the Milo question, and Richard Spencer defending Milo. We also touch on many other topics, including the Holodomor and other genocides. There is much talk about Jewish subversiveness in general.

The into is weev doing a dramatic reading of "Saxon Began to Hate".

There are some volume issues, but we equalized as best we could. 

Dr. Illusion: @DocIllusoin

Hank: @_HankRearden

Mr. Fox: @DualKoonDog

Amy: @AltRightInfo and @StreeterAldrich

Pizza: @RunningForPizza

The Mistress (my wife): @Lady_Misogyny

Rebel Yell with Mark Citadel:

Oct 1, 2016

Dr. Illusion and weev discuss Syria, Assad, and the mysterious Alawites. 

We also talk about the Middle East in general, and Israel in particular. 

Find weev on Twitter: @rabite

Find Dr. Illusion on Twitter: @DocIllusion

Dr. Illusion website:

Thanks for listening, goys!

Sep 24, 2016

Dr. Illusion, Mr. Fox and Hank Rearden are back with special guest Running for Pizza.

We get to hear Mrs. Pizza's story of taking the Red Pill and finding the Alt-Right, then we discuss current events, including Charlotte. We talk about religion, trash Israel, and discuss a nuclear Iran and what the consequences may be. 

Bonus: Doc and Hank share their stories of being robbed at gunpoint. 

We had a few minor connection issues, most of the glitches were edited out, but there are a couple lag/skips. Bear with us. 

The good Doctor got banned from Twitter, please follow his new account. 


Pizza: @RunningForPizza

Mr.Fox: @DualKoonDog

Hank: @_HankRearden

Doc: @DocIllusoin

Sep 16, 2016

Dr. Illusion, Hank, and Mr. Fox discuss the red-pilling of Fox, how Fox met Hank and introduced him to Doc. We also discuss some current events and news articles, discuss the history of World Wars, and talk about the negative effects of Jews and Israel in general. 

We are still looking for a new name. Submit ideas to any of us. 

Hank: @_HankRearden

Fox: @dualkoondog

Doc: @GoodDktr


If you would like to be a guest on the show, contact Fox, he is handling the vetting for new guests. 

Sep 12, 2016

Dr. Illusion interviews Hank Rearden on his "red pilling" and journey to the Alt-Right. 

Hank's Twitter: @_HankRearden

Jul 14, 2016

Dr. Illusion has a round table discussion with Mark Braivo, McMurphy, and Wald about current events, raising children in an uncertain world, and how we became evil racist Nazis. 


Mark's Twitter: @mbraivo

Mark's Blog:

Wald's Twitter: @Scarred_Tissue

Wald's Blog:

McMurphy's Twitter: @Murphed_2

Find me and McMurphy blogging at

Jun 21, 2016

Dr. Illusion and Wald discuss the death of Uncle Mitch, the Manosphere, Identity Politics and other random topics. 


Read Wald's blog at:


Find Wald on Twitter : @Scarred_Tissue


Follow Dr. Illusion on Twitter: @GoodDktr

Mar 21, 2016

Ricky Vaughn, Amy Stephen and McMurphy join host Dr. Illusion to discuss how we ended up in the Alt-Right, some current events, and of course Donald Trump.

Jan 21, 2016

Dr. Illusion and Rojo talk about philosophy, doing time in jail/prison, and coming around to identarianism.

Jan 14, 2016

Find Azzmador at and on Twitter @AzzmadorReturns

Check out Aurini's site and on Twitter @aurini

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