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Jan 31, 2017

On this short episode, Doc and AK have a sit down to rant talk about the recent uptick in Antifa attacks and what will likely result from such attacks. Also discussed is the safety, or lack thereof, of Richard Spencer and what needs to be done about it.

This week's been a rather wild one, with many shows recorded. The Mistress will be working nonstop in order to get those out to you. In the meantime, enjoy!

Andrew Keith: @IveBeenABadGoy

The Mistress: @LadyMisogyny

If you wish to contact Doc and are not sure how, please DM the Mistress.

Thanks for listening, goys!

  • over eight months ago
    The Mistress
    Thanks for the comment, Ken. Very moving and strikes right at the core of who we are. Take care.
  • over eight months ago
    Fashy Ken
    Great show boys, found this and I think you do a show breaking this pledge down line by line
    I do hereby pledge myself to the survival of the White Race.
    I understand that the existing State and system no longer represents my interests or that of my family and race and is actively seeking to destroy us.
    I accept that there is only Faith, Family and Folk and that the white race will create a new system as it has done many times before, without seeking agreement from the existing Powers That Be.
    I believe we must secure the existence of our people and the future of white children
    I understand that I need no permission from anyone else or any organisation to live, to work, to express my beliefs and to create the world in which I chose to live.
    I understand that my commitment to the white race may require great sacrifice and even death and I will face both with courage and steadfastness
    I believe not in white superiority over other people’s races and religion but in the White people and their heritage and achievement and that all races depend upon the survival of the White Race
    I believe it is the duty of the white man to assist other races in their own quests for survival in their own lands but only from a position of strength not as a subjugated minority.
    I believe that the White traditions are based on the Christian Church and I will protect it against outside enemies and those destroyers within.
    I promise to uphold the traditions of white culture, including patriarchal marriage and an abhorrence of deviant and destructive behavior
    I promise to improve myself and achieve freedom from drugs, alcohol and sex addiction and concentrate my efforts on improving all aspects of faith, family and folk.
    I promise to submit myself to the authority of right and just men who have the strength and vision to lead the White race realising that an individual can achieve nothing.