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Mar 22, 2017

On this episode, Doc bids farewell as he hands the reigns over to Andrew Keith for the coming 6 weeks. Joining the two gentleman is our good friend, Johnny Monoxide. The trio will discuss such topics as the Jew Goldstein/Kurt Eichenwald controversy, illegal immigration, and the theft of blue collar jobs by said illegals.

Andrew Keith: @AndrewKeith_6

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley

If you wish to donate to the legal fund on Jew Goldstein's behalf, you can do so at

Thanks for listening, goys!

Mar 17, 2017

On this episode, Doc and Andrew Keith are joined by special guest, Malcolm Flex. Flex is the VP of the general Hotep movement and has volunteered to explain to us what Hotep truly is, what their plans/goals are for the future, and some of the more common misconceptions of the movement.

Also discussed are topics such as the gradual decline of black communities across America, freedom of association, and a theoretical Hotep-Alt Right alliance.

Flex: @Malcolm_fleX48

Andrew Keith: @AndrewK_4

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley

Mr. Fox: @creepypastafox


Some valuable Hotep resources for any who desire to learn more can be found below.







Mar 14, 2017

Well, goys, this will be a rather different show from usual in that Doc accepted a challenge to debate.

Twitter e-celeb, Steven Bonnell II, decides to debate Dr. Illusion mono e mono in a discussion about demographic replacement and the ethnostate simply as an ideal or a reality.

Steven: @omnidestiny

Dr. Illusion: @LeighHuxley

Thank you for listening and we hope you've enjoyed this rather unusual (but amusing) version of Illusion Radio.

Mar 10, 2017

On this episode, Doc and Andrew Keith are joined by special guest, Hunter Wallace of Occidental Dissent. Subjects discussed include the natural degradation of all-black towns, some amusing banter about the Alt-Light and their degenerate ilk, and the need for the Alt-Right to remain valiant and loyal.

Hunter Wallace: @occdissent

Andrew Keith: @AndrewK_3

The Mistress: @LadyMisogyny

If you wish to contact Dr. Illusion and are not sure how, please DM the Mistress.

Make sure to check out Hunter's website, and of which he is a contributor.

Thanks for listening, goys!

Mar 3, 2017

On this episode, the crew is joined by special guest, Trigger Bait, to discuss the latest rash of Jewish conspiracies, the perplexing liberal hive mindset, and the pro's & con's of individualism vs. collectivism. TB also explains to us what the Anime Right really is, what some of the common misconceptions are about the Anime Right, and where they'll be heading in the near future.


Mr. Fox: @kuhnfox

Andrew Keith: @AndrewKIII

The Mistress: @LadyMisogyny

Hank is currently taking a break from Twitter, but will return soon.

If you wish to contact Dr. Illusion and are not sure how, please DM the Mistress.

You can read up on the latest in the Anime Right at

Also make sure to check out and sign up for the brand new social media platform of which TB is a co-owner.